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​​Thanks for your interest in the Digital Vault! Here are some key points as we get ready to introduce the Vault to the world.Vault to you bank ..

1) The Vault is owned by Richard Smith and managed by a full executive team out of the Las Vegas, Nevada area. 
2) The Vault is the new, decentralized way to bank
3) It will be the largest Digital Bank and Crypto Exchange on the planet
4) They already have 1.5 Billion dollars under management
5) It will be accessed through an app that is available on both Android and iOS devices
6) It will be an all in one account for banking, investment and crypto
7) It will have all the top crypto coins AND fiat AND precious metals like gold and silver 
8 ) It will be faster than Venmo or Paypal with 3 second transfers from account to account available immediately since there is no need to transfer the funds back to a bank account. The Vault IS the bank account. (but you can add a separate bank account if you want to do ACH transfers) 
9) The Vault will have all banking services like checking, bill pay, debit card, loans, mortgages, etc.
10) The reason it is called the Vault is because the encryption used is the same that is used by the Pentagon and other high security entities and took over 4 years to program and implement
11) The funds in the Vault are guaranteed by overnight treasuries and by Lloyds of London so even though the risk of being hacked is almost zero, you are still totally protected.
12) For those that are interested, there will be an affiliate program that will allow you to create a significant income by introducing people for free to The Digital Vault.

Feel free to add your friends and family to this group who would be interested in using the Digital Vault as a customer or those that would also like to be a part of the affiliate program. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them. The next big update is expected in about two weeks from the date of this post (around middle of March !

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