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This is a membership subscription, similar to paying your Costco membership or Amazon prime membership.

May 7 2019 Charter member links

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​ Here is how the progressive project looks @ this point.
-Discount App: Sometime in May 
-Discount Rewards: June 1st
-Continue with build out and offer many additional apps, products, and services.
-RevvCard: January 6th

Charter Member; $38/month - (See comp plan for commissions )

Discount Merchants is  growing., see website launch ,.

We are now marketing to folks interested in rNetwork charter membership,. Marketing video

If we save more than we spend, how many of us w$38/month?

The demand for the RevvCard is very interesting ,. We have not even launched yet.

For folks that  want to wait for the card to arrive and than take a position, please do,.

For folks that do not like a pre launch, this is not for you,. IN our humble opinion this will have change and more change before the roll out of Revv card,. We shall not speculate on the crypto project,.

Get in, save more than you are spending. Earn more than you are saving and allow these experts to do their job.

A lot has already been built and completed, and more things will be built.

The Fat Jerry team thinks this plan is really amazing,. save money -make money biz,.

Now, we are very interested in the crypto aspect of this,.We started to hear about the digital vault project months ago.

If we can save or earn more or both, more than we spend, than what do we care if all the pieces  aint in place ? #revvcard #rNetwork #crypto #rewards Like the Link launch !

Revv card digital ​Vault