The Participation Marketplace Prospectus
You Don’t Need Eyes to See...You Need Vision
What Provides Clarity of Vision?
History, Timing and Trends...Not a Guarantee, but...a Chance
Here are the Facts...Current Numbers

Amazon... 150 Million Members Worldwide

150 Million in 2020
Since the service was first introduced to domestic shoppers in 2005, it has expanded to 16 other countries and raised the global number of Prime members to 150 million in 2019. In the United States, industry sources estimated a subscriber count of 124 million in 2019.May 8, 2020

Costco...98 million members in 13 countries

98.5 million members in 2020
Costco today
Costco employs 254,000 full and part-time employees worldwide. In 2016, Costco had 86.7 million members. This increased to 90.3 million members in 2017. and 94.3 million in 2018.
Costco - Wikipedia › wiki › Costco

Alibaba...755 Million Active Users

Sam’s Club...41 Million Members

2019 Revenue
Amazon...$280.5 Billion (Total Revenue)
Costco...$152.7 Billion (Memberships & Sales)
Alibaba...$56 Billion (Total Revenue)
Sam’s Club...$57.84 Billion
               Annual Renewal Rate
Amazon...91% (Growing Fast)
Costco...90.7% (Growing Fast)
Alibaba... N/A (Growing Fast)
Sam’s Club N/A (Growing Moderate global)

Why Membership Models are So Powerful

Paying Members out spend Free Members
Remember...Success leaves Clues
What you are about to review is the culmination of the above trends and...and adding one additional piece in this evolution of global membership purchasing explosion...

Participation in Revenue Sharing
Welcome to...

Enjoy the following evaluation...
Create Wealth Just Like They Do
Get Paid On Every Purchase Everyone You Know Makes
Get paid when people use their money...Period!
Groceries, Gas, Restaurants, Starbucks...Everything
Add a combination of Amazon Prime Global Online Market, Costco’s Kirkland Brand (Higher Quality + Lower Prices = Better Value) plus Priceline Global Travel, Sprint Cell Service and literally every other product/service that people use every single day, all around the world, and...all at a savings!!!
Welcome to The Participation Network
Founded, Launched and Growing Fast in 40 Countries by a team of Top-Level Executives and Advisors who have worked with, and/or had as clients, some of the following...Google, Facebook, BBVA, Wells Fargo, NASCAR, VISA, Mastercard, Wyndham, Hilton, Square, Anderson and Earnest & Young...developed strategic partnerships with Boy Scouts of America, American Cancer society, Stand Up 2 Cancer and more...well, you get it...and there is much, much more.
The Most Accomplished Exec Team and Advisors in the Modern 61 Year History of Our Industry
The Holy Grail of Home Based Business
For DECADES many have tried to do this.
Open a Global Marketplace and attach banking to it
1.  Open a Global Marketplace where all Free Members and Charter Members save on things they purchase everyday...

2.  1st Time Ever launching a FDIC insured bank where you and all you know can get paid like a bank, every time people spend their money.

3.  Add our own Brand like Kirkland, Members Mark etc...comprised of every single top selling MLM product that we will improve and sell for ½ to ¼ of the cost.
(Examples: MLM product #1 sells for $4000, we will sell for a little under $1000. Product #2 sells for $100 and we will sell for $40) and...still pay amazing commissions.

4.  Create a Global Small Merchants Network that offers members discounts at their restaurants, B&B’s, boutique shops, home-repairs, plumbing, electrical, accounting, legal, heating & air...all small businesses who want to join.
The only difference is Bezos (owner of Amazon), the owners of Costco, Sam’s, BJ’s, all the banks, insurance companies, travel companies and the others don’t keep the billions...we share “Participate” in the billions produced worldwide.

HOW...Same as Walmart, Costco, Sam’s etc...
The Leverage of Buying Power
The Numbers

1.  In the 2nd year of business.
2.  60% Retention of Affiliates (Average is 12-15%
3.  4 to 1 customer/affiliate ratio (Average 1.5)
4.  Open in 40 countries. (more coming soon)
5.  $75 to join for Affiliates (Average $300-$500)
6.  Free for customers (FANN's)
Important Points

1.  Going Public on either NASDAQ/New York Stock Exchange (will announce by end of summer...and, only 1 year of business track record...the top financial experts must see something in the model, right)

2.  Holy Grail is REAL...FDIC Insured Bank coming after the IPO...(Check some of the companies that the execs have worked with and/or consulted for) (It’s all about “WHO” you know and “Timing”) We all know this, don’t we?

3.  COVID...has increased online shopping tremendously and...made merchants scramble to focus more on online availability and ease of use. Goodbye Click...Hello Click.

4.  MLM...normal MLM high priced products are even more difficult for families to afford than before COVID.

5.  People are more focused on “VALUE” (highest quality and the lowest cost) than ever before...opens a new paradigm for entrepreneurs like us!!! (Costco’s Kirkland)

6.  There is so much more...this is enough of a start isn’t it?

Where we are right now...

We are in the lower left-hand corner of the curve...
What is Best for You and Your Family?
Regardless of your decision to participate or not, I am just glad you at least have the information and knowledge about what IS HAPPENING.
(Not an idea or theory). Truly Operational, Now.
Either way, let’s talk and let me know how you feel about working together and taking this to everyone we know.
Remember, Someone Purchased the 1st Costco, 1st Sam’s and    1st Amazon Memberships
Most of the growth was done through non-compensated referrals.
Imagine where we can be by sharing the revenue and profits with our Charter Members
7.8 Billion People Worldwide as of June 2020



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A must see webinar September 2 2020


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'Project is huge " rNetwork 2.0


The rNetwork review is READY !

​The Participation Marketplace®

Do you know folks that want to make money on thier phone?
(Never have to recruit either)
If it is 100% VERIFIED and PROVEN, would you like to???
Well, It is...
You might want to consider us talking soon [😉]
Possibly Change Your Life FOREVER

Thanks so much for interest in more information about this once in a lifetime opportunity. Here's really what it comes down to. We are all interested in this because we are looking to create true walk away income for ourselves and our families. So we don't have to keep struggling each month hoping to be able to pay the bills or afford some of the nicer things we want. We really just don't want money to be an issue anymore. We also want time freedom, so we can actually enjoy life, do the fun things we always talk about and finally to be able to have the resources to give back, to volunteer, and to help make the world a better place. 

Unfortunately the options for creating that residual income are limited. Investment, traditional business, or even traditional network marketing companies are not ideal because they require too much risk or overhead or time commitment. 

What rNetwork offers is a brand new spin on things. A way to create residual income, to become cash flow positive with a home based, international business with VERY low overhead, where you offer SAVINGS on truly universal services instead of having to sell a product. 

Imagine Amazon, Costco, Priceline or Bank of America all paying you for the rest of your life just because you referred some friends and family to use their services. It's real and it's happening now!

It comes down to looking for a 5 star opportunity. There are plenty of 3 or 4 star opportunities out there. But not very many 5 star. Here is what I mean.

1 Star: Corporate team. The people who are rolling out the rNetwork global platform are former Google, Facebook, Wyndham and Nascar executives who collectively have created billions in revenue and who's primary purpose is to use the power of the network to leverage savings and earnings and put it into the hands of the members, each of us. And they are taking the company public, on the stock exchange, later this year as the ultimate proof that the concept is solid, real and absolutely not any kind of scam or scheme. 

2 Star: Product Offering. Our Participation Marketplace follows the example of Amazon, Costco, Uber, Airbnb and so many others that are based on the latest trends and technology to provide thousands of products and services with savings, deals and convenience all across the world, with the added advantage of revenue share to the members. This concept allows the company to offer name brand products and services in every niche or category and it protects the members from having the company shut down just because the main product got disrupted or commoditized.

3 Star: Training and Leadership. rNetwork has some of the TOP trainers from the industry offering DAILY overview presentations, calls and meetings along with an entire training platform to help brand new people understand all the concepts they need to be able to build their business effectively. 

4 Star: Compensation. The Power3 Compensation model is the next generation in comp plans that allows people to be in profit in their first seven days (with only 3 team members!) and then from there potentially earn thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars every single month based on people saving money on things they use every day or every month anyway (online shopping, pharmacy, mobile, travel, health and wellness, banking and more). 

5 Star: Timing. Everyone knows that the best time to get involved is in the beginning. Sure, it can be the riskiest time, but as long as the previous 4 stars are solid, it can be the absolute most lucrative time. We all wished we had bought stock in companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple and others in the beginning. Now is our chance to be part of something huge. 

If you look at any other opportunities out there, most will have three to four of these. But it is very, very rare that you can find all five. So I hope you will take the time to continue to ask any questions, fully understand what each of the five stars means to you and join me on this amazing journey.

rNetwork Bank coming soon

rNetwork Bank offers all of the traditional banking services including Checking & Savings Accounts, Debit cards, Bill pay, Consumer Loans, and Mortgages, where you will have the ability to earn money on other people's purchases.

Through cutting edge technology and strategic partnerships, rNetwork is changing the way you transact.

We are independent members this is not a rNetwork company site,.

independent rNetwork member

United States Government Required Disclaimer Crypto Currency has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest,trade and or use crypto currency. Don't trade,buy, or use crypto currency with money you can't afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer for you to buy ,trade or use crypto . No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site or webinar. The past performance of any trading system,ideas shared, or tips shown etc or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results

come back soon for more rNetwork bank info

We think many folks can have success via word of mouth!

participation marketplace

save money online

​make money online

​Here is an ever growing list of questions and answers. I will keep you all updated on the links as well.

Remember, we are working with banks, (plural). They do not move fast, but the great news is that we will all be paid when we are supposed to be paid.

This is like NOTHING you have ever been a part of. I literally get chills when I talk to people about it.

Here we go...

1) What does the card look like exactly? The best simulation I have seen is the QMPLETE card. You can look it up on YouTube & watch the videos. (Same technology with many more additions) - Richard was able to take the project over & bring us the Revv-Card, which is the QMPLETE Card with an adjacent bank account, along with the features, including the 16 digit number of a debit card. (This makes it more in depth than any other card of its kind).

2) How Do I get paid? When you sign up, you become a member (customer) of the bank. 
a) ANYONE you refer will earn you commission anytime he/she uses the debit card, whether it is swiping. purchasing online, setting up bills to be paid off of it, and so on. We are sharing revenue on the merchant side. 
b) You are paid for any and ALL referrals, regardless if you become a Merchant Member or not. You will be paid on your members' (customers' referrals) after becoming a Merchant Member -(I will attach a pay plan post further explaining all of this as well). 
c) You are also paid on the sale of every card within your member (customer) base 10 levels deep. 
d) You will be paid on card purchases and Merchant Member fees weekly. You will be paid on your member;s spending monthly. (More on how to become a Charter Member in the FAQ).

3) When will the links be live so we can start signing members up? My best answer is soon. This is a major project involving more than one bank. It is almost complete.

Banks do not exactly like rabbits, but the wait will be well worth it. Do NOT confuse this will just some other MLM or small company venture. This is a BIG BIG deal and once it goes live, OOOOOOH NELLY!!! I will keep you all updated on when the links will be live and ready.

4) Cryptocurrency. You will be able to store cryptocurrency on your card. You will have access to store some cryptocurrenies in the beginning, but over time, you will be able to store all of the cryptos on exchanges.

This will work as a hyper exchange, meaning much faster processing times and much lower fees.

Kala will be the ONLY cryptocurrency with a Point of Sale feature, which means all of you who told me or others no to Kala may want to to start rethinking that decision  :).

5) Security. You will be able to buy/sell crypto, purchase using your card, use ATMS and so on, once you activate your card by simply tapping your thumb on the biometric thumb print on the back of your card.

The card is secured enough to feature a 110% insurance policy on the crypto side. The FIAT (Regular Money) is covered via FDIC.

5) Card features. 
a) Savings at hundreds of thousands of merchants world wide. Some of them quite significant. This varies from vendor to vendor. This lost is ever growing as more places are signing in to this great concept. 
b) OLED Screen - 1.73 Inches where you can store DOZENS of your existing cards. This includes rewards cards as well. not just your typical credit cards. 
c) MIC, Speaker, Bluetooth, and 2 charging points. A charge will hold for about one month. You can charge using a plug or wireless.

6) Is this World Wide? Yes it is. You can use your card anywhere in the STAR Network of ATMs. You can use the ATMs for all of your banking needs.

This is the largest ATM Network on the planet and you are NOT just added to it. You have to be approved. Feel free to Google STAR Network of Banks and do some research on it.

7) Can I set up bill pay, ACH, send money to family, and so on?
Yes, yes, yes, ans yes. You can sen money back and forth to anyone else who has a card.

You can do anything you can do at your bank.

8) How is the Revv-Card different than Apple Pay and others?

Vault is the difference! Debit Card Feature is the difference. The banks behind this act as the merchant. There are many differences. Do not get caught up comparing apples to oranges.

9) Who else will be offering this? NO ONE!!! With that being said, Walmart will be selling the card under a different name, BUT there will be no adjacent Vault account nor will the card also double as a debit card.

10) Marketing. What can we say or do? NOTHING we do not say and do!

It is that simple. If we do not say it, you do not say it. We are in a very highly regulated industry, act accordingly.

Marketing is currently working on pdfs and videos that we can all use. I will attach any and all materials to our team's Google Docs and YouTube Channel.

Google Doc Link:
YouTube Link:…

Do NOT make unsubstantiated statements. Do NOT Make comparisons with other companies. Allow the bank to make and support and claims in their disclosure statements while following the rules and regulations set aside for them.

Let the experts do it.

Lead with the card, the card and Vault features. This will grow very quickly. Be smart and follow our lead.

11) How do I become a Charter Member? Easy, you refer 10 members (bank customers).

Once you refer 10 customers, you will have the option to earn commission off of not just them, but off of their customers as well down 10 levels.

For every Charter Member you have, you will be paid down 1 level on a 3X10 Matrix. I will create a pdf going into great detail and add it onto this page.

There is no max of members or charter members you can have. The more the merrier.

I want to congratulate you all for finding tis amazing product and opportunity.

Lets all be patient and allow them to finish things up so we can all enjoy a very long and fruitful experience together!


Revv it up ​participation marketplace

The Participaton Marketplace