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​Trent walker said in the Launch video at the end. We look at this thing got the product in our hand played with it and we said look this is just not ready for the network. There were questions over the hardware. There were questions over the functionality at what that did when someone stuck it in their wallet and wash the card.  Also just as a visibility on where is the world going. We have questions marks whether the world is going to a technically advanced card or that's all going to reside on a phone. We have the commitment to the network that we are going to release things that 1.Things can become commoditized 2.  Where the world is going. When we looked at the hardware, we were convinced at it and was a danger to the network. What are we doing they are continuing to look at the technology and going to assess it. We will advance the  hardware on the card so that technology gets solidified meaning if we see a positive where are the next thing that rolls out into the hardware is the meaning later of the card where are you can store other cards onto the debit card that will be the first and environment of the hardware. Maybe if it's solidified and makes sense for the network. The Bank is coming in 2020. When you look at the phases we jump to the bank to phase 3 so we can create the biggest impact with the bank that is possible for the network. When jumping to phase 3 obviously there is regulatory hurdles you have to go through all these things but the bank is strategically important in the organization not so we can pay up this the swipes but for other products we have coming for the network. The bank is massively strategically important but it isn't the end for the network. The opportunity is wider than the bank. Could the bank get commoditized over time. Yes I guess it could. The focus is on the compensation and the overall marketplace and the products.

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