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​Here is an ever growing list of questions and answers. I will keep you all updated on the links as well.

Remember, we are working with banks, (plural). They do not move fast, but the great news is that we will all be paid when we are supposed to be paid.

This is like NOTHING you have ever been a part of. I literally get chills when I talk to people about it.

Here we go...

1) What does the card look like exactly? The best simulation I have seen is the QMPLETE card. You can look it up on YouTube & watch the videos. (Same technology with many more additions) - Richard was able to take the project over & bring us the Revv-Card, which is the QMPLETE Card with an adjacent bank account, along with the features, including the 16 digit number of a debit card. (This makes it more in depth than any other card of its kind).

2) How Do I get paid? When you sign up, you become a member (customer) of the bank. 
a) ANYONE you refer will earn you commission anytime he/she uses the debit card, whether it is swiping. purchasing online, setting up bills to be paid off of it, and so on. We are sharing revenue on the merchant side. 
b) You are paid for any and ALL referrals, regardless if you become a Merchant Member or not. You will be paid on your members' (customers' referrals) after becoming a Merchant Member -(I will attach a pay plan post further explaining all of this as well). 
c) You are also paid on the sale of every card within your member (customer) base 10 levels deep. 
d) You will be paid on card purchases and Merchant Member fees weekly. You will be paid on your member;s spending monthly. (More on how to become a Charter Member in the FAQ).

3) When will the links be live so we can start signing members up? My best answer is soon. This is a major project involving more than one bank. It is almost complete.

Banks do not exactly like rabbits, but the wait will be well worth it. Do NOT confuse this will just some other MLM or small company venture. This is a BIG BIG deal and once it goes live, OOOOOOH NELLY!!! I will keep you all updated on when the links will be live and ready.

4) Cryptocurrency. You will be able to store cryptocurrency on your card. You will have access to store some cryptocurrenies in the beginning, but over time, you will be able to store all of the cryptos on exchanges.

This will work as a hyper exchange, meaning much faster processing times and much lower fees.

Kala will be the ONLY cryptocurrency with a Point of Sale feature, which means all of you who told me or others no to Kala may want to to start rethinking that decision  :).

5) Security. You will be able to buy/sell crypto, purchase using your card, use ATMS and so on, once you activate your card by simply tapping your thumb on the biometric thumb print on the back of your card.

The card is secured enough to feature a 110% insurance policy on the crypto side. The FIAT (Regular Money) is covered via FDIC.

5) Card features. 
a) Savings at hundreds of thousands of merchants world wide. Some of them quite significant. This varies from vendor to vendor. This lost is ever growing as more places are signing in to this great concept. 
b) OLED Screen - 1.73 Inches where you can store DOZENS of your existing cards. This includes rewards cards as well. not just your typical credit cards. 
c) MIC, Speaker, Bluetooth, and 2 charging points. A charge will hold for about one month. You can charge using a plug or wireless.

6) Is this World Wide? Yes it is. You can use your card anywhere in the STAR Network of ATMs. You can use the ATMs for all of your banking needs.

This is the largest ATM Network on the planet and you are NOT just added to it. You have to be approved. Feel free to Google STAR Network of Banks and do some research on it.

7) Can I set up bill pay, ACH, send money to family, and so on?
Yes, yes, yes, ans yes. You can sen money back and forth to anyone else who has a card.

You can do anything you can do at your bank.

8) How is the Revv-Card different than Apple Pay and others?

Vault is the difference! Debit Card Feature is the difference. The banks behind this act as the merchant. There are many differences. Do not get caught up comparing apples to oranges.

9) Who else will be offering this? NO ONE!!! With that being said, Walmart will be selling the card under a different name, BUT there will be no adjacent Vault account nor will the card also double as a debit card.

10) Marketing. What can we say or do? NOTHING we do not say and do!

It is that simple. If we do not say it, you do not say it. We are in a very highly regulated industry, act accordingly.

Marketing is currently working on pdfs and videos that we can all use. I will attach any and all materials to our team's Google Docs and YouTube Channel.

Google Doc Link:
YouTube Link:…

Do NOT make unsubstantiated statements. Do NOT Make comparisons with other companies. Allow the bank to make and support and claims in their disclosure statements while following the rules and regulations set aside for them.

Let the experts do it.

Lead with the card, the card and Vault features. This will grow very quickly. Be smart and follow our lead.

11) How do I become a Charter Member? Easy, you refer 10 members (bank customers).

Once you refer 10 customers, you will have the option to earn commission off of not just them, but off of their customers as well down 10 levels.

For every Charter Member you have, you will be paid down 1 level on a 3X10 Matrix. I will create a pdf going into great detail and add it onto this page.

There is no max of members or charter members you can have. The more the merrier.

I want to congratulate you all for finding tis amazing product and opportunity.

Lets all be patient and allow them to finish things up so we can all enjoy a very long and fruitful experience together!